• Quote Form, Look Up Address button: option to use Sub-accounts instead of More Addresses

    In order to use the Look Up Address button on the Quote form, one has to use the More Addresses functionality under the Parent Account. But the More Addresses option doesn't link to existing sub-accounts.

    So, to take advantage of the Look Up Address button, one has to enter information on the sub-account form and again under the Parent Account's More Addresses.

    Here's an example:
    A roofing company bills to a school district (parent account) but "ships-to" the school (sub-account). The school district and school itself both have multiple contacts that interface with various roofing company representatives.

  • Auto-Format Phone Numbers

    Detecting duplicates on the phone numbers is difficult. But clients expect this and also expect phone number formatting to be configurable. Maybe something like smart tags in Word 2003?

  • CRM for Outlook: Dialog boxes don't zoom to 125% or higher (Ease of Access BUG)

    Submitted on behalf of a visually challenged end-user:

    When using the browser, the user can specify the zoom level and dialog boxes conform to that. But when using CRM for Outlook, dialog boxes only display correctly at 100% (Right-click->Personalize->Display).

    Consequentially, visually challenged end-users that enable Ease of Access display settings have to manually stretch dialog boxes to view content.

    (While not applicable to the end-user that prompted this request, this also has implications for users that enable Ease of Access mouse settings.)

    Example: Case form, Add to Queue button

  • Make CRM Knowledge Base more like a wiki? Or behave more like OneNote?

    I know Articles are very locked down and secure but OneNote offers a lot of functionality that is handy (altering images and pasting them, etc.).

  • Special View for Email Activities that show From and To columns

    When on the Account form, Closed Activities view, the Created By column is helpful, but not sufficient. It would be nice to have From and To columns as well as to be able to filter out the SYSTEM entries.

    Calling out emails particularly (as in, there be an icon for them in the Common Section, under Closed Activities) would be helpful too.

  • Need ability to track email sent from Phone or OWA automatically

    My request is in line with this: http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en/crm/thread/2b1a51e9-9537-4796-b51e-a200f848dbc8

    I'm working with a Client that only wants to have their Sales staff on iPads. They will not have laptops or desktops to plug into; their iPads should be their synchronizing client. Further, they want to do CRM Online, again, from their iPads.

    Should they just hit the URL for CRM Online? (If so, what happens if they lose internet connectivity? Can they send email from the "native app" described in the Q2 update**?)


  • Need the ability to add Quick Find columns to Lookup views (helpful when tracking emails)

    Scenario: You've got a case that you want to track an email to. You click Set Regarding and select the Case entity; the Look Up Record dialog box opens with the default view as Case Lookup View.

    The Case Lookup view has a custom column, within this field (mid sentence) is the word / number your customer refers to. When you search for the word / number, the case you are looking for does not appear. (Example: requirement number 542)

    Similarly, you know you have a case open for a certain Account. Unless the Title (or first column?) contains the Account name, you won't immediately find the case.

    On average I have 300 cases open for an implementation; filtering for the records I own doesn't help.

  • CRM 2011 switches to new tab when they are created, despite IE9 tab settings

    This request is NOT about getting CRM in tabs; I've done that.

    The problem is that I have the "Always switch to new tabs when they are created" *un*checked in IE9. CRM ignores this setting. I open many links from a base page and would prefer to not have to switch back to the base page each time.

  • Ability to set Control Formatting on create of Two Options field type

    Unless I'm missing something, the only way to set the control format of a Two Options field type is to (1) create the field, (2) put the field on the form, (3) double click it to open the Field Properties window, Formatting tab.

    If I know I want a checkbox instead of radio button, setting the formatting on create would be helpful.

  • "Three Options" instead of just Two Options field type

    Clients like radio buttons and checkboxes but how do you know if the data is accurate? I'd like to see a "Null" option in addition to the other two. With Null being the default (instead of one of the options), you know that someone thought and actively selected the value.