• Bulk Upload feature for security roles

    To modify a security role, sysadmin has to manually modify each and every privilege (or optionally click the rows/column to toggle them together). But this process is repetititve, monotnous and tedious and extermely time consuming.

    It would have been better if there was a feature to bulk-upload security role from a excel file, which will make process more efficient for System Integrators.

  • Ability to customize the Configuration System Views

    It is presently, not possible to customize the views for entities within the customization menu.

    For example, if I wish to include the attribute Searchable in the field explorer view of a particular entity, I can't modify this view. There should be a possibility to customize the system views, in the customization menu and apply that as default for all system entities.

  • Notes & Attachment visiblity in Polaris

    My customer works on CRM Online and doesn't use Office 365. They work heavily with attachments and want these to be visible on the front screen.

    However, in the new flow UI, there is no possiblity to expose Notes & Attachment, independently, on the main form of the Opportunity. At least one extra click is required to display Notes since News feeds are displayed first in the integrated control and there is no way to change that behaviour.

    Additionally, the Notes Control couldn't be added explicitly on the form since it appears greyed out all times in the ribbon in the Insert menu.

    This issue must be fixed.

  • This is regarding the training material for CRM


    This feedback probably applies to all Microsoft e-learning material but I have till now only completed CRM training materials.

    If you would have noticed the narrator reads the whole word: Microsoft Dynamics CRM does this... blah. blah.. In the end of the training you would have heard the complete word Microsoft Dynamics CRM over several hundred time.

    I understand that this may be important for branding, etc, but it is extremely frustrating, montonous, time killing and annoying to person who is listening to this training. We all know that we are attending the training for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and probably the word just using the word CRM would suffice the purpose, after stating on the title slide that CRM refers to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

    The end result: less frustrated user, perhaps a total reduction of a few minutes in an hour long training (considering it takes significant less time to pronounce "CRM" than "Microsoft Dynamics CRM" * few hundred repetitions.

  • Dynamics CRM is unable to handle PKI encrypted emails (.p7m) in web client

    In our project a x% of emails are sent encrypted by public authorities.

    We do not use Outlook client and the emails are routed directly to CRM as email activities. We then figured out that any encrypted email lands as an email activity with an attachment (.p7m). It is not possible to open/read this attachment, even by a user who has the PKI certificate installed on their local machine. Earlier when the emails were received in Outlook directly, they could open the encrypted emails.

    We raised a support ticket with Microsoft and the official reply was that
    "Using CRM email router or Server side sync it’s not possible to handle encrypted emails.

    We don’t have a way to load the public key from the certificate used for the encryption and for that reason CRM will not be able to do more than extract the smime.p7m attachment

    I think that handling PKI encrypted email should be considered as a thought in future releases since encryption and privacy issues are only going to increase in fast moving digital times.

  • Teams/Users' custom security roles are removed on changing parent BU(s) relationships

    The problem is best explained by simple illustration. Lets's say we have a BU hierarchy:
    D->C->A , where A is the root BU and D is the child BU. Let's say, we want to introduce one more BU (B), so that new hierarchy looks like:

    In the scenario, even though we aren't changing the BU for the users directly; all the users/team in BU - C & D will lose their custom security roles. What is annoying is that OOB roles are preserved, but not custom ones. It should be very easy to fix this or provide a setting to allow adminstrators to preserve custom security role on Microsoft part.

    The problem poses a huge challenge for a large organization, where there are 100+ BU with 5000+users and 500+ teams. It's almost impossible to introduce a new BU on the top because of huge administration involved to reassign the security roles one by one to each team/user.