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    Add % of Relevance to Search Result

    Suggested by Shania ChiaPlanned Long Term 4
    Category: Knowledgebase

    % of Relevance to Search Result to be displayed as a stats to help user determine if which KB on the search result is useful.

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    In the Parature API eanbeling anguage tag/parameter to actually set the language in a Put call

    Suggested by R TUnder Review 0
    Category: Extensibility and APIs

    The way the Parature API works now the language tag/parameter is available so that Get calls can be made.  Even though the parameter is available when you try to do a Put call, it will not update as it was never designed to do so.

    We would like to change that so we can update language using PUT calls with the API

    Please refer to Parature 3-8441680 for further information



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    Need additional field available for Routing Criteria in Ticket Routing role

    Suggested by Cindy LyleUnder Review 0
    Category: Ticket

    We would like to be able to select "Additional Contact Account" at the ticket level for ticket routing criteria. If we can drill down from "Additional Contact"/"Find Account" or "Company Name" that will be great too.

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    Enhance Chat UX Customization

    Suggested by Yaron FraimanUnder Review 0
    Category: Chat

    Bring it more in line with modern online chat applications.

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    should be able to add\edit in outgoing email

    Suggested by Kazim SajjadNew 0
    Category: Feedback

    customer have given feedback that they have multiple tickets open and the incoming email only show the ticket number in subject. This is inconvenient for them as they are unable to recollect subject of email via ticket number unless they open the email. Please add the ability so that the issue description is included in subject by default as well as the ability to edit the same.

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    Flash Memoury

    Suggested by Elmutasimbilalla MamourNew 0
    Category: User Experience

    The Idea is To upload executable file to the hardware memory i just discuss the idea in this forum

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    Add back the ability to create a CSR via the API

    Suggested by Ian BachusNew 0
    Category: Extensibility and APIs

    Ever since we have mapped our CSRs to Office 365 we have lost the ability to use the API to create a CSR.  This was important to our process because we used our ERP system to create a CSR (via the API) and link the CSR to our ERP system which is needed for other integrations we have.  Can you please add this ability back to the API?  It will have to be a manual process for us until you can add it back so it will be a pain every time we have a new CSR.

    Thank you.

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    New Fields and Better Tracking of KB Article Approval Process

    Suggested by Steven SchmitzNew 0
    Category: Account and Customer

    1.) Request to add comments field in Parature application for managing recommended changes to the FAQ. See attachment screen shot
    2.) Request to add expiration date field in Parature application for managing review times on FAQ's. See attachment for screen shot.
    3.) Request to add two text fields in the Parature Application. One for the Primary/SubCategory and one for the Program Office. This will provide assistance when we working with the KBs or moving a KB between the Working folders and back out to the active Primary and SubCategory. These would only be reference fields, would not need to be reportable, and would only need a maximum character length of 100 each. They can be anywhere below the Keyword field.

    4) A text field is being requested to be added to the Knowledge Base Form in the Parature application to manage the FAQ process.   This field needs to be placed below the "Answers" box on the form.  It should contain a minimum of 4,000 characters with at least four complete visible lines.   The text field needs to be able to add highlighted text. 

    5) We also need to request the highlight functionality field be added to the "Question" and "Answers" field in the knowledge base form in Parature.

    6) The system does not allow us to track where the KB is in the approval process, nor who is working on it and/or due dates. In addition, there is no field for KB expiration date. Requesting the ability to track the step by step process that was discussed during training and that was in the initial Parature Training guide.

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    Remote Assistance

    Suggested by DEON DUKEUnder Review 0
    Category: Desktop

    Use a monitored .ver of Microsoft Connect instead of redirecting people to a third-party desktop sharing experience.

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    Pathamawadee Jongjam

    Suggested by Pathamawadee JongjamNot Planned 0
    Category: Knowledgebase

    % of relevance search result must be display to be match with KB search result. That knowledge must be useful to user.