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Category: Accounts Receivable


Most D365f.O. users require a functionality that allows them correcting, that is depreciating, their overdue open customer balances by a certain percentage. As an example, all open customer invoices that are more than 180 days overdue are depreciated by 2%. The current solution allows depreciating only single open customer transactions and provided that you have thousands of open overdue customer invoices, the standard AR depreciation feature is not sufficient. Please bring such as mass customer lump-sum depreciation functionality into the standard application.

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  • To be more precise, there are 2 stages (common in Austria, common in Switzerland):

    1) Build a provision (if there is hope :)

    2) Write-off (no hope left :)

  • Hello Shivam,

    Yes, the technical AX-term is 'write-off'.

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  • Hi there,

    Just a clarification, do you mean deprecation? Do you mean write-off?