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    Alerts functionality missing in Dynamics 365 for Operations

    Suggested by MicrosoftUnder Review 22
    Category: System administration

    Alerts are not on the list of deprecated features for Dynamics 365 for Operations, but they are currently not available. We've been told Alerts will be delivered at some point, but currently aren't scheduled for a specific release. We are using Dynamics 365 for Operations as a platform for building an operational construction project management solution. Alerts are a key foundational element of the solution. We initially started development using Dynamics AX2012 R3, but the Microsoft product team helped us upgrade to Dynamics 365 for Operations during the summer of 2016. Alerts were used pervasively in our AX2012 R3 solution. After the upgrade, we became aware that alerts are no longer available. We have a pilot scheduled for June 2017 and need alerts functionality. Please include alerts in the next update.
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    Make D365O breadcrumb clickable as in Windows Explorer

    Suggested by Zoltan BertaUnder Review 5
    Category: User Experience

    Hi All,

    It would be great if the angle brackets (<>) of breadcrumb in D365O would be clickable the same way as in Windows Explorer.

    For example, the user navigates to this path: Sales and marketing>Setup>Opportunities>Probability

    If the user clicks the bracket before Probability the menu elements under Opportunities would be shown (list of Probability, Prognosis, Reason, Sales process).

    That would speed up the navigation in D365O as far as I am concerned.



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    Attachments Indicator - In Dynamics 365 for Operations we have lost the lit-up functionality of the paperclip. This is a big loss. Users have no idea whether there are notes or documents attached to transactions.

    Suggested by MicrosoftLaunched 13
    Category: System administration

    In Operations we have lost the lit-up functionality of the paperclip. This is a big loss. Users have no idea whether there are notes or documents attached to transactions. We request strongly that something is invented to bring this functionality back like we had it. A color change, or even better, an entirely new picture instead of a paperclip that really draws attention to the user.

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    Sharing of masterdata and enhancing sharing in general.

    Suggested by Karina Normann JakobsenUnder Review 14
    Category: Accounts Receivable

    With the removal of the concept of virtual companies, the only - however poor - real out of the box option to share master-data across legal entities was lost. This feature was widely used by many customers.

    The new cross-company data sharing accepts group and reference data only, but it is not possible to share for example Customers and Vendors across multiple legal entities.

    In the industry, where my customers operate it is not uncommon to have +100 legal entities, some will have +1000 and this is real legal entities, not just a dummy division of a legal entity.

    Therefore it is common to share customers and vendors between companies. But it is not a all or nothing approach. Companies are grouped and data is shared between a group of companies. Which leads me to my second suggestion. Please allow us to group companies into company groups and then configure the sharing of data per group of companies instead of individual companies.


    So 2 suggestions here.

    1. Ensure master data can be shared between a group of companies. 

    2. Allow grouping of companies into company groups.



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    Online calculation in decimal fields (amounts/quantities)

    Suggested by MicrosoftUnder Review 4
    Category: Tax

    In previous versions of Dynamics AX (AX 2012 and before) it was possible to enter a calculation in decimal fields. e.g. 1000*1.21. The result was an amount : 1210. In the current version of Dynamics 365 this is not possible anymore. This is a much requested feature by namely accounting users. They use it a lot for calculating amounts to add or subtract Sales Tax.
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    LCS: Sync up actual LCS status of cloud-hosted environments with Azure

    Suggested by Khee ChanNew 0
    Category: Lifecycle Services

    When the VM in a cloud-hosted environment is stopped or started in Azure (e.g. via Azure automation run books), the status of the environment is not reflected in LCS. This is causing confusion on the part of users who navigate to these environments via LCS.

    Our customer is using the automation run books to manage their Azure VMs in order to optimize their Azure run costs. The Azure management portal shows the correct status of the VMs in these environments.

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    Ability to view a form in D365O as another user

    Suggested by Zoltan BertaUnder Review 6
    Category: User Experience

    Hi All,

    Facebook has a "View as" feature which lets users to view their profile as another person:

    This feature in D365O would greatly improve testing the security role configurations. Security/System administrator would be able to click on a "View as" button on any AX form and select a system user from a dropdown to view the form as that particular user.

    It would be great if you can add this to the road map.



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    Option to create or edit labels from the objects

    Suggested by Neha RanaUnder Review 2
    Category: Development

    In D365 if we need to create a new label and assign that to Label or Help text of an item, we have to create label in the label file and then paste in the object. There is no way by which via the object properties we can create a new label or edit existing one. There should be an ability to create a new label or edit the existing one when we go through object properties where Label or help text is provided.

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    Restriction while exporting large data from Dynamics 365 Operations

    Suggested by MicrosoftUnder Review 8
    Category: Reporting and Analytics

    When we export large data from Dynamics 365 Operations to an excel, the data is not copied completely and is restricted to 2000 rows only. We have to export the remaining rows once again to the excel to get the whole data. It will be good, if there is no such restriction and the data can be exported to an excel completely at a time.
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    Publish personalization as an admin to a group of users or all users

    Suggested by Gertjan van der LindenLaunched 4
    Category: User Experience

    The personalization options in the application are very strong, limiting the need for customizations while enabling users to simplify their user interface.

    A simpler user interface improves the usability and acceptance of the system. It would be great that an administrator (/ consultant) can create the optimal personalization for the forms in use and easily share or deploy this to all users. This limits the need for customizations to hide and change form objects and increases the maintainability.

    One of the most heard requests during an implementation is around simplifying these fields. With this option, we can stay away from customizations / code releases and functional designs while quickly helping the new users to adapt to the system.