Suggested Sat, 25 Feb 2017 08:56:46 GMT by John GraceNew
Category: User Experience

Naming guidelines, from a Dynamics 365 viewpoint really need to change from a reference \ hash tag perspective so people can refer to a particular sub area within Dynamics 365.
I know the general strategy is to combine all the old products under the Dynamics 365 umbrella but the reality is we need a better way to differentiate the sub areas. Just think of someone writing a blog post how can they easily tag what it references?
So if the marketing team can consider changing the guidelines so the wider community are encouraged to use the following that would be great,
#D365s (Sales)
#D365c (Customer Service)
#D365o (Operations)
#D365f  (Financials) 
#D365s (Field Service)
#D365p (Project Service Automation)
#D365m (Marketing)
#D365x  (XRM Platform)
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