Suggested Sat, 18 Feb 2017 01:12:05 GMT by ANDRE MARGONOUnder Review
Category: Project Service Automation

Currently once a time entry and expense has been approved, the user could not undo the approval, deletion is locked, status is locked.

There are cases where the project manager might make mistake and need to undo the approval. Please allow this scenario.

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 Thanks for the feedback, Team will evaluate this request and update the plan later.


 Feifei Qiu


Comments (4)
  • Yes Please.  No sense in logging time if adjustments need to be made and you can't edit the entries.

  • MS needs to bump this up in the fixes list.

  • Must have. Current situation is a (major) design flaw & not in line with similar products.

  • Yeah this is a hassle.