Suggested Wed, 19 Feb 2014 07:00:00 GMT by Shan McArthurUnder Review
Category: Client-Side Programming

When you switch from the default label-on-left to label-on-top in CRM forms, the rendering in the form is not very user friendly. There is no spacing between the fields and very little color differences between the labels and the data. Since the data is no longer in input boxes it looks very similar to the labels. The end result of stacking multiple fields together in a form is an unreadable mess. Please consider adding some top/bottom padding between the fields so that the label/value pairs for each field are more recognizable.

Comments (3)
  • It would improve readability/adoption rates, if the label could be formatted to differentiate it from the fields when using labels above the fields format.

  • It would also be nice to add some ability to format the label, font size, italicize, color, bold.......

  • Hi, Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider taking this up in a future release. Thanks, Neerja