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A very common request from customers is to find records WITHOUT a certain related record. Today I need to make a custom report for that. I think it would be great to be able to create views etc based on NOT IN statements in an advanced find. That could easily be used for customers to set up even more dynamics marketing lists too.

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Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.



Neeraj Nandwana

PM, Microsoft 

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  • Here is a common one I hear often. Return a list of Contacts who have bought Product A but not Product B. Product is a lookup on an entity called Sales History, which has a N:1 relationship to the Contact entity.
  • "Resolved as Tracking" means that this idea has moved into Microsoft's internal feature tracking tool and is somewhere in the backlog. Unfortunately, we don't know when this feature might make it into CRM. The good news is that until then, there is a free add-on called Intelligent Query available from Microsoft partner, Cobalt, that enables NOT IN searches from within Advanced Find. http://blog.cobalt.net/blog/building-not-in-queries-using-dynamics-crm-advanced-find
  • He's a workaround for dynamics marketing lists (at least). Using the FetchXMLBuilder in the XRMToolbox it's possible to create outer joins and not exists (i.e. is null) joins and update an existing marketing list. Not an end user friendly solution, but possible for an administrator to use.
  • Why is this marked resolved? This would be a great feature to have, yet we cannot do it in Advanced Find.
  • Sadly, Microsoft is still NOT listening on this one. I get this request from customers close to more often than any other. And like below, users want it in Advanced Find....they don't want to be forced to write code to do it. Please change the status or more importantly add this to AF.
  • Hi. This is now June 2015, and this issue is still happily marked as resolved, while actually not resolved at all. Microsoft seems to enjoy releasing new features, none of which making it in the top 10 connect's most requested features. Microsoft: we know your customers better than you do. So please listen to us, instead of making this site a good features's requests cimetery...
  • As a top 5 item on Connect that has been here now for nearly 3.5 YEARS I disappointed that this still hasn't been fully resolved in CRM 2015. What is the point of the new "rapid release cadence" if things like this are continuously ignored?
  • I agree with previous posts. This gets us closer to a working solution, but not close enough as administrators need to be too heavily involved in a business case where end users should be self-sufficient. Our adoption of CRM includes many relationships among entities. This constraint impacts our business on a regular basis, albeit less with the enhancement in 2013.
  • this is not delivered yet. We need it in the ADVANCED FIND. Providing it only on the XML level for admins is better than nothing but doesn't solve the problem of users
  • Erm, how can I get my customers to do that? The status needs to be changed back as this has not yet made it into the advanced find. Maybe 2015?