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    Allow NOT IN searches in advanced find, marketing lists etc

    Suggested by Peter HörnellPlanned Short Term 40
    Category: Client-Side Programming

    A very common request from customers is to find records WITHOUT a certain related record. Today I need to make a custom report for that. I think it would be great to be able to create views etc based on NOT IN statements in an advanced find. That could easily be used for customers to set up even more dynamics marketing lists too.

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    Allow Admins to login as Users

    Suggested by Steve HughesPlanned Mid Term 21
    Category: Security

    It would be great if as an admin I could login as another user in order to troubleshoot issues that arise. Instead of having to waste a license for my test user so I can change the test users security roles to mimmick that of the individual having issues.

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    Autonumbering Feature

    Suggested by PETER WYSSPlanned Mid Term 21
    Category: Customization and Solutions

    It is really a strong requirement to have a feature for an "autonumbering" - field...there are solutions out there in the wild, but it would be very nice to have this feature out-of-the-box in Crm.

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    Field labels should wrap, not fade

    Suggested by Shan McArthurPlanned Short Term 8
    Category: Client-Side Programming

    When you place a field on a form that has a long name, the name of the field fades. In CRM 2011, the field name would wrap. Fading causes some of the important content to not be visible. It would be more desirable to have the full field name visible via the old behavior of wrapping than to fade it. This would also allow for better future protection of moving to a more responsive web design that could accommodate more varied screen resolutions (and different devices)

    The best practice would be to shorten the field names, or change the field label width in the section to accommodate long fields, and those are the current workarounds.

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    Custom Composite Lookups (multi-relationship in 1 lookup)

    Suggested by KEVIN VAN PUYVELDEPlanned Long Term 13
    Category: Customization and Solutions

    MS Dynamics CRM has a few entities where it offers this functionality (for example customer on opportunity, partylist on email, regarding on activities).

    It would be particularly handy if we could define these ourselves for use on any custom or system entity.

    For example define a lookup on a custom entity which can contain multiple record types (like customer works) or define a party list on a custom entity and have it contain any system or custom record type (in line of how to/from works on email).

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    Multiselect Picklist

    Suggested by VENKATA MARUTI RAVI CHADA-ANANTHAPlanned Short Term 15
    Category: Client-Side Programming

    When I was working in 3.0 for a customer, I created a multi select picklist using the inbuilt options from Dynamics CRM. If I could do this then I believe MS can build it and help a lot of customers.

    In the advanced find for any status, optionset field in the filter criteriea, we get a multi select picklist. We can move values around in that and it displays the multiselected values as well. I have used this same window and a couple of XML strings to create a similar field on a Form. The XML strings store the Values in my case.

    This solution would certainly help a lot of customers and enhances the CRM product as well. The customers I speak to say that it is available in other products and why not here. I see that there is a possiblity and hope you can release it.

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    Ability to set default entity for lookup fields

    Suggested by Donna EdwardsPlanned Long Term 13
    Category: Customization and Solutions

    Please consider adding the ability to designate the default entity for lookup fields like Potential Customer on the Opportunity. We have several implementations where we might use the Account or Contact entity but not both. Additionally, clients might want to require or prefer a particular entity over another and want the lookup field to, at a minimum, default to the desired entity type.

    I've had two client requests in the past week alone for this feature.

    Thank you,

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    All Dynamics CRM training course materials should be free for everyone to download

    Suggested by Neil BensonPlanned Long Term 34
    Category: Administration and Deployment

    My suggestion is that CRM training materials should be free for anyone to download.

    Partners are expected to purchase a Microsoft Dynamics Partner Foundation or Advantage Service Plan in order to access several benefits including access to the Dynamics CRM 4.0 and 2011 training guides.

    The Dynamics service plans are most popular with larger partners who are committed to Dynamics CRM. The service plans are less popular with new and small partners who are still building their committment.

    This means that the CRM professionals who need the most training (those who work for new and smaller partners) do not have access to training material, while those who are most likely to be certified already (those who work for Silver and Gold CRM certified partners) do have access to the training.

    Well-training, certified CRM professionals perform better CRM implementations. It's in everyone's interests -- Microsoft, partners and customers -- to ensure that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has more well-training, certified CRM professionals available than competing systems. Microsoft will have happier customers, larger market share and greater software licensing revenues by providing free training materials to its customers and partners than it will by attempting to turn training requirements into a source of revenue., for example, provide administrator training guides at no charge for anyone to download from their website:

    The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 training course materials were free for any customer or partner to download and study. However, the policy changed with the release of CRM 4.0 and hasn't reverted with the release of CRM 2011. It should!

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    Dynamics CRM Developer Toolkit for CRM 2015/Visual Studio 2013

    Suggested by Tyler DCGLaunched 41
    Category: Plug-ins, Workflow, and Web Services

    When will the Developer Toolkit be available for CRM 2015/Visual Studio 2013?

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    CRM2013: Allow Composite Fields to be Customized

    Suggested by PETER MAJERPlanned Long Term 10
    Category: Customization and Solutions

    CRM 2013 introduces a great feature of Composite Fields (e.g., Full Name, Address). However, the fields that appear in this composite field are hard coded and not editable.

    It would be ideal if system customizers could edit these composite fields similarly to how they edit other forms within customizations.